Anyone been to Fukuoka? It seems very pretty! You can share pictures, too!

From From Japan with Love;

This is a great video that shows many spots in Fukuoka city (the big city about 30 minutes from me and where I used to live). It is about 10 minutes long and starts in the morning and goes into the night so you can see how things change.

As you are watching you will sometimes here a kind of music or a mechanical kind of bird sound-those are the cross walk signals for the blind (which are only there because people donate money to keep it going). Also, you will notice along “Nakariver” people are setting up little stalls with doors or plastic-those are “yatai” or night time food stands which Fukuoka is famous for. Every time my friend comes from Tokyo she goes to one. You will see “Canal city” which is a famous shopping mall. There is also “ohori park” which is a big beautiful park in the city and the “Nakasu” area which is famous for night time entertainment.