Yoshitoku was founded in 1711, Edo era, as Doll and Toy Wholesaler. The 6Th Edo Shogun gave the name “Yoshino-ya” (Shop name) with the first name “Tokubei”. The name “Yoshi-Toku” came from the combination of the shop name and the first name. The name “Tokubei” has been inherited to the next generation through its 300 year history.
Yoshitoku, first of the kind, with its tradition and the high quality of artistic craftsmanship, has dealt in Doll for girl, Miniature Armor & Helmet for boy (Yoroi / Kabuto), and other arts & crafts. Yoshitoku name is branded as it has delivered many art & crafts to Japanese Royal family at the princess and the prince birth. The tradition will be carried on to the next generation orever.