The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced on February 10, 2010, that it will make use of the exemplary water-supply technology owned by the city of Tokyo to combat global water issues, and has set up an implementation plan to realize this international contribution. Responding to demands for private enterprises to develop businesses in the water sector, the TMG Bureau of Waterworks has formulated this implementation plan to work together with Tokyo Waterworks Service Co. under the management of the Bureau, which is making a 51 percent investment in the company.

The implementation plan has three phases. The first is to establish a research group to examine overseas conditions. The aim of this phase is to collect and organize domestic and international information by identifying foreign needs, and private businesses and enterprises at hearings, and at the same time, to consider business models that meet these needs. By the end of April 2010, 36 government bodies and businesses had participated in such hearings.

The second phase is to send a mission group overseas to combat global water issues. This will involve assessing the risks and needs of targeted countries, and promoting the technology and know-how of the Tokyo waterworks system. The Bureau will be dispatching to 10 countries over the course of three years, beginning in FY 2010. At present their emphasis is on the Asian region. From August through October they plan to dispatch a mission group to around 3 countries. The bureau is currently in the process of choosing these dispatch countries through information gained at hearings.

The final phase involves development of business model planning. The Bureau will be accepting orders for consultations, as well as orders for facility management by the Tokyo Waterworks Service Co.