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You may not be familiar with what kigurumi are, but if you find yourself feeling a little chilly during the winter, it might be worth your while to find out.

Kigurumi are literally a stuffed animal that you can wear, and they can be quite cozy if your apartment is on the cold side. Over on the Akinaiblog website there is a wide selection of kigurumi to choose from. I’ve selected a few of my favorite and listed them below. Though I encourage you to go over to their site and browse the others as well. (Just be sure you come back to 3yen right afterwards!)


3yen is the source of wacky things for ever.

Getting your nails done in Japan can be a pretty amazing experience, as the artwork here is just outstanding. You can personalize the process as well by choosing your favorite cartoon character. Having said that, it’s pretty inevitable that Hello Kitty would somehow end up stuck on the end of someone’s fingers like this:

And for any mother’s out there who can’t find the time to get away from the kids, you can always bring your children along and let them join in on the fun.

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